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Common Primary ObjectivesEdit

Germany: One of the most important goals for Germany is to crush Russia. The game is won by the Axis over 90% if Russia is beaten by the third turn. Likewise, if Russia is still around by the third turn, the odds for the axis winning decrease each turn due to the economic superiority of the allies.

Japan: Japan is in most aspects, the easiest axis power to play. It starts with the most breathing room and can expand quickly if you play it right. Because of this, it is imperative that you as Japan come to the aid of your allies in Europe. Attack Russia with what you can spare, but make sure that you maintain naval superiority in the Pacific, or you will be defeated by an American amphibious assault.

Common Secondary ObjectivesEdit

Germany: one objective that i consider secondary for Germany is the taking of Africa. If you take Africa, it will help your case by giving you I.P.C.'s, but if you don't, the war isn't necessarily lost.

Objectives by EditionEdit

50th Anniv. Edition 1942Edit

The axis are 2 seperate teams, Italy and Germany in Europe with Japan fighting in Asia and in the Pacific.

Italy should foget about Africa and focus on attacking the south side of Russia. This is mainly Cacacus.

Germany, with Italy going south ,should hold their ground in the centeral territories (East Poland, Eastern Ukrine and Bellorussia) and try and capture Karelia and mabey Archangel. If this is done it can go on to capturing Moscow. Germany should also try and preserve its Batlic Fleet (by buying a battleship in turn 1) for 2 reasons. The main one is so England can not invade Germany and 2 so it can ship infantry/artillary for Germany to Baltic States or Karelia.

But most importinally Germany should ensure it is impossible for the UK or US to do D-Day in Norway, Finland, Northwestern Europe of France. This should be done buy putting stacks of infantry there with A-A guns and mabey a figher in France.

All the Japenese have to do is pound the West Coast of the U.S. Japan has a good navy, use it to beat the U.S. Pacific Fleet to nothing. While the U.S. is occupied with rebuilding their fleet again and again, they won't be able to help the British. The Japanese' next priority is to use their transports to go after the South Pacific island chains. The Japanese get lots of IPCs for controling the South Pacific. Use your carriers off the coast of china to destroy the U.S. fighter assisting the Chinese, this will be a pain in your side. Other than that, annoy the Russian East Coast, keep the chinese down, and do NOT go for India or Australia, these are tempting targets but will only distract you (and waste your IPCs) from keeping the U.S. Pacific Fleet at bay.

Good luck

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